Titanium frame polishing advice

Mar 18, 2009
Okay...so I buffed off the annoying anouncements that were "etched" into my titanium frame. So far, I've only done a test-removal on right rear chainstay.

The removal went well, the bike shop's website is now gone, however my brushed-finish frame now has a relatively highly polished chainstay...

So, does anyone know how to get it back to brushed finish? Steel wool?

Fine grit sand paper? I have up to 1000 grit...but before I start "sanding" I thought I'd better check in
Apr 16, 2009
Not sure how much "polishing" you need to do but I use Bike Lust and my frame comes up looking just as it left the factory.
Aug 4, 2009
They use spirit of salts or hydrochloric acid to do the etching so that is what you should use to remove it.

I have a Bianchi Matta S9 with carbon forks for 4 years so I used a weak mix
to freshen up my frame looks like new now then finish off with armerall .

Builders use it to clean bricks and it is used for cleaning copper wires for soldering.

treat it with respect wear glasses and rubber gloves.