Titanium Road Classic / Rabbit Cycles, Germany

Mar 10, 2018
I find their bikes very attractive, but can not find any reviews, no matter how I google.
Anyone here that might know this brand, or have seen them IRL?
Gratefu for all input I can get.
Feb 23, 2017
I'm not sure what you see in that bike that looks better from other TI bikes, they all look virtually the same. I have Lynskey Peloton, and I bet you if put the two frames naked side by side without decals or engravings on them you couldn't tell the difference either.

I'm not saying that the Rabbit is a bad TI bike, in fact I don't know anything about them, but I do know that Lynskey is the world's foremost knowledgeable person when it comes to Titanium. Lynskey first started his TI bike business when he created Litespeed, in the process of doing that he developed a method of making the frames that now ALL other ti builders now use. Lynskey was so far advance from anyone else working with TI that he got government contracts to make parts for satellites, and some of those parts were top secret, Lynskey started doing that stuff in 1960. In fact if you go to the Litespeed site and read all this stuff: http://litespeed.com/innovation that "some guy" they speak of is Lynskey who built his own TI bike in 1984, then in 1996 they started building officially for clients from all over the world in 1996, and all the stuff they discuss on that site was due to Lynskey not the new owners that bought it from Lynskey in 2005. Lynskey sold Litespeed and then after some hassles with the new owner Lynskey got upset and started another TI bike company to give Litespeed stiff competition and named it simply Lynskey in 2006.