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To rent or not to rent..NYC

Jul 14, 2009
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A couple of friends of friends came from Belgium for an 11 day stay in NYC. I got an email asking if I could help them out getting some cheap rentals while they were here. The day after they arrived(Tue) I dropped off 2 single speed beach cruiser type bikes that I bought from Kmart near Penn Station. I got both bikes and 2 locks for 216 dollars. The daily rental was@32 dollars. At the end of their stay I agreed to take the bikes back or they gave give them to some other Euros staying at their hotel..they will go back to Belgium telling everybody that Kmart is an awesome store. The whole affair took me 45 minutes not including the free beer I drank. Target was @20 bucks cheaper but I would have had to do a Brooklyn or Harlem shuttle with the new machines.If you are coming to the city just buy a cheapo and they will even let you keep it at most hotels