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Tom Meeusen's Tour of Cameroon

I started a thread a long time ago when Meeusen did his first MTB adventure in Senegal in 2011: http://forum.cyclingnews.com/showthread.php?t=12866&highlight=Meeusen

He did it every year since. From 2012 on Danny De Bie joined him. In 2014 he did two tours in Senegal. What an adventurer!

Highlights from the 2012 edition:

2013 Stage 6: Lac Rose - Lac Rose:

For those who have time to waste: a one-hour doco of the 1st tour of the 2014 edition. :)

And a half an hour doco, named "In het spoor van Tom Meeusen" (In Tom Meeusen's Footsteps): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq6dpW-gn8s

This year from March 6 to 12 or 13 Meeusen will do a tour in Cameroon. All for a good cause, raising schools, formerly in the neighbourhood of Dakar but for this year ... ??

The tour is scheduled to end on March 16 but Tom will have to cut it short as he's summoned by disciplinary commission of the Belgian Fed on March 13, regarding the Mertens affair.

For 2016 a return to Senegal is planned.



Etappe 1: Dschang - Mbouda 7 maart - 38km
Etappe 2: Mbouda - Bangorain 8 maart - 103km
Etappe 3: Bangorain - Petpenoun 9 maart - 67km
Etappe 4: Petpenoun - Foumbot 10 maart - 20km
Etappe 5: Foumbot - Bangangte 11 maart - 60km
Etappe 6: Bangangte - Ngalou 12 maart - 71km
Etappe 7: Ngalou - Bare 13 maart - 70 km
Etappe 8: Bare - Loum - Limb? 14 maart - 110km

V?lo-Afrique is a consequence of the humanitarian projects that Telenet had planned when pop singer Koen Wauters (Belgian pop band Clouseau) raced the Paris-Dakar rally. Now that the Paris-Dakar rally no longer starts in Paris and no longer ends in Dakar, and no longer crosses Africa (lol) the school projects continue but with some other form of sporting events to promote it.


The first three days in videos. :)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI9DQtWMQYo March 6: departure from Brussels and arrival in Dschang
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlsH2GEiH4k March 7: stage 1: Dschang - Mbouda
youtube.com/watch?v=MZrUL15dczU&feature=youtu.be March 8: stage 2: Mbouda - Bangourain


13/03/2015: Etappe 7: Ngalou – Loum.

Na de rit van vandaag zijn we allemaal vurige fan van de singletrack. Snelle paadjes downhill door de Afrikaanse rimboe. Prachtig! Het klimaat wordt vochtiger bij elke meter… Vanmiddag kunnen we ons verfrissen bij de watervallen van Ekom. Een kleine omweg meer dan waard! Na de picknick rijden we in peloton naar Loum: we rijden op asfalt en de Afrikaanse weginfrastructuur heeft de vervelende eigenschap zo goed als geen rekening te houden met fietsers. Aangekomen in Loul vernemen we dat de zaak van Tom opnieuw uitgesteld is en we daarom hem zonder reden hebben moeten afgeven gisteren… Jammer!

Guys from RLVB are real damned nuisance !! Meeusen's case has been postponed to April 2. His friends from Velo-Afrique learned about that yesterday (March 13) but in the meantime Tom had had to leave the project ... for nothing. Such a shame...
Stage 5: Foumbot - Bangangte. I think it was the last one with Tom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2IJkaW ... e=youtu.be

On another note, the prosecutor demanded a 2 year ban for Tom for the use of cortisone in 2012, 4 days before the Worlds and then in Leuven and Namur in December. Tom's lawyer claimed that there's no evidence for the latter two accusations while the use of cortisone before the Koksijde Worlds was already admitted, to treat a knee injury. He's got an attest for it. Tom claimed that Rudy De Bie put him in contact with Dr Mertens. De Bie claimed that he never advises any rider to consult any doctor but somehow might have talked about Dr Mertens who had a good reputation at that time. Tomorrow, Tom will be heard about the Ozone therapy affair. http://www.demorgen.be/sport/procureur- ... -a2273659/

It still sounds fishy to me but if evidence comes, I'll be the first to say he should leave, of course.

PS: I see no rules against doping talk on this section, so I guess I'm entitled to this comment.