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Toni Tauler (ex-KELME) tests positive for EPO


Jun 16, 2009
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Toni Tauler failed a surprise control of the Spanish Federation prior to the Track World Championships (25-28 March), as reported today, El Pais, the Spaniard was currenrly running in the Pan-American, Tauler won the silver with Joan Llaneras in Beijing 2008.

El Pais says that he tested positive for EPO, which is flatly denied by Tauler. "I have no idea, but I can assure you that it can't be EPO, because I do not take this substance," the rider from Mallorca told the Herald.

Tauler(36) competed between 1998 and 2006: Ros Mary (98) Kelme (99-03), Illes Balears (04-05) and 3 Molinos Resort (2006) and has since spent on the track after racing in four Tours of Frances and became champion of Spain time trial in 2006. This year he was second in the first stage in Mallorca. bici/cas

Toni and his former team mates at: Kelme -Costa Blanca

Hernan Buenahora
Carlos Alberto Contreras Caño
Santiago Botero
Oscar Sevilla
Alejandro Valverde
Aitor Gonzalez Jimenez
Roberto Heras
Francisco Cabello
FAbio Parra Pinto
Jose Jaime Gonzalez
Fernando Escartin
Juan Jose De Los Angeles
Javier Otxoa
Antonio Tauler
Isaac Galvez
Javier Pascual Rodriguez
Carlos Garcia Quesada
Constantino Zaballa
Adolfo Garcia Quesada
Jose Enrique Guttierez
Jesus Manzano
David Munoz
David Blanco
Ruben Plaza
Santos Gonzalez
Nestor Oswaldo Mora Zarate
Julio-César Cadena Villejas
Ignacio Garcia Camacho
Asiat Saitov
Francisco Benitez Esbri
José Martín Farfán Pulido


Jun 16, 2009
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I agree Michielveedeebee, it was rubbish so hereby the EDIT >>

So silver medalist Tauler flatly dinies having used EPO ....