Tony Gallopin thread

Jun 19, 2013
Will the Frenchman show something good in the next Tour de France? What are his possibilities in uphill sprints,..? Or pure servant?
I like Gallopin and hopefully he can get a win soon while on Shack.

There aren't many uphill sprints (zero iirc) in this year's tour, so winning a stage will have to come from a bunch sprint where the heavies are gone or from a break.

The break opportunities will likely depend on Schlecks GC ambitions imo, but in any case I think they will be few.
Aug 16, 2011
Already have a Gallopin thread.

In terms of bunch finishes I'd say Gallopins best chances of a high placing will lie in stage 2 (maybe), 3, 5, and 6. I could see him, and hope he does, get in a couple breakaways too. His best chance at a stage win I would say will be from breakaways.

Don't think he'll end up having to do work for Schleck too much. Unless Schleck has come into great form and ends up contending, which I think is unlikely. Radioshack should focus on putting riders like Gallopin in breaks and going for stage wins that way IMO.
Mar 13, 2009
What are his chances for the National Championships, does the parcours suit him?

I would be happy for him but dread ever seeing that jersey, could you imagine??!
Mar 10, 2009
So, how long before the French start hyping Tony as the next French Tour winner? Really impressive today, though I doubt he can continue this all the way to Paris but still a great sight seeing Contador etc drop before Gallopin.

Tomorrow's stage should suit him well if the break doesn't stick.