Tour Colombia 2.1 2024 (February 6-11)

The only professional stage race in America this season, and we only get three WT sides… what happened to the globalisation of the sport? Still, there’s some big names here and the route is legitimately good for an early February race. Oh, and the finish times are perfect for Europeans who can’t work and watch at the same time.


There will be a live stream on the race’s YouTube channel - if the announcement is to be believed, it’s wall-to-wall coverage tomorrow, nothing confirmed beyond that.

Local and CET times displayed:
DateStageStart timeETA
Tuesday, February 6110:00 (16:00)13:23 - 13:53 (19:23 - 19:53)
Wednesday, February 7210:00 (16:00)13:39 - 14:12 (19:39 - 20:12)
Thursday, February 839:30 (15:30)12:35 - 13:03 (18:35 - 19:03)
Friday, February 9410:00 (16:00)13:57 - 14:32 (19:57 - 20:32)
Saturday, February 10510:00 (16:00)13:00 - 13:27 (19:00 - 19:27)
Sunday, February 11610:00 (16:00)13:00 - 13:28 (19:00 - 19:28)

The route

Stage 1: Paipa - Duitama, 155.8k

The first stage heads to Duitama, which hosted one of the hardest World Championships in history in 1995… for a pan-flat stage.


Stage 2: Paipa - Santa Rosa de Viterbo, 168.6k
The second stage reprises a finale used in the most recent (2020) edition, won by Higuita in a sprint of the elites.


The final climb is the profile below as far as Santa Rosa de Viterbo.

Stage 3: Tunja - Tunja, 141.9k
The third stage is a hilly circuit in the city where Alejandro Osorio took the national title less than two weeks ago. The route lacks the HTF that characterises the quadrennial NCs here, but at this altitude, the repetition of short hills will hurt.


Stage 4: Paipa - Zipaquirá, 181.8k
The race heads to Egan Bernal’s hometown for the last sprint opportunity of the race.


Stage 5: Cota - Alto del Vino, 138.3k
The decisive stage. Yes, it’s unipuerto, but it’s also unquestionably the hardest climb they’ve dared use in this race.


The easy side of Alto del Vino…

…before a long descent, the only time the riders go below 2400 metres all race, and the showpiece MTF side.

Stage 6: Sisgo - Bogotá, 138.7k
The race ends with a stage in the capital, but a tricky climb at 12k to go means it might not be over just yet.


Los Patios, the highest point and final climb of these six days:
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With Guatibonza off to the development team of UAE and thus not starting, my eyes are mainly on Diego Pescador this week. This could be the race that puts him on the mainstream map, and gets him a place in Europe. Those two offer light in a dark tunnel of mediocrity. Who knew that having a good developmental structure would outlast relying on talent alone? I like Brandon Rojas, too. He became national champion on those roads in Tunja a week ago. Not many stages for him to shine here, however.

Jose Muniz is here too, a talented Mexican on the very stacked Petrolike team. They've got Caicedo, Camargo, Aguirre Cadena and Suaza who all go well uphill, and Soto is very fast in a sprint. Hard to see him being brought into decent position with all those featherweights though.