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Tour de France 2017 Stage 12: Pau > Peyragudes 214.5km

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Dekker_Tifosi said:
"Oh, we really don't want to penalize the Frenchman because then the public will turn against us. Let's just reverse everything and pretend nothing happened".


Absolute farce from the UCI after stressing the penalty for Uran/Bennett would stand: In the exact words of @UCI_cycling commisaire Philippe Marien "The feed could have been from anyone, even a small child, still 20s penalty."

But when faced with the evidence of Bardet's bottle, reverses the penalties for all 3, just so the French rider doesn't get punished. I guess if Demare and Sagan had their nationalities swapped, Sagan would've been awarded the win on Stage 4, while Demare is DQ.

carton said:
Jury nullification for the win.

I mean, it's a win for the race. And for the pratical application of the rules, that one needed to be scrapped. I'm still rather conflicted about how they got there. That rule needs to be gone-gone asap fot that to make any sense.
Its a loss for cycling. The other riders carried their food & water , a higher weight across the climbs which requires more power and they may be dehydrated before the finish which is a definite performance loss. crap UCI :mad: