Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 21: Chatou – Paris Champs-Élysées, 108.4 km

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This! They had the ability to address the win 2 days ago, and were too concentrated on the storybook ending. Well, the best books are the ones that flip the script.
Yep. The team as a whole hit 25% of the four stage wins. They got cocky, believed their hype despite the signs that they can lose and are not all that, back a little, boxed in, and WVA with a huge sprint after his big TT.
If someone had told me three weeks ago that the final podium of the TdF would be Tadej Pogacar, a Jumbo-rider, and an Ineos-rider, I... would probably have believed them.
If they'd then proceeded to tell me that the Jumbo-rider would be Jonas Vingegaard, I would've looked at them like they'd eated little blue nails!
Carapaz being the Ineos-rider is more expected.
Wow, congrats to Van Aert on his incredible feat. Ventoux stage, flat ITT stage and Champs-Elysees sprint ahead of Cav. What a legend! There hasn't been such a versatile cyclist in the 21st century. Guys from other sports should be lucky that Vout hasn't tried their disciplines yet. During the Olympics he may fancy a new discipline though (maybe decathlon to avoid boredom?)

The race is over. Congrats to Pogacar on defending his crown. He did it in a spectacular style: the way he crushed his rivals in the Alps was legendary, they even feared following him the next day (Tignes) to avoid another beatdown (as Mas said). One TdF victory is difficult but defending it even more so (especially mentally), only the greatest cyclists managed to do it. And he did it while still being only 22! Youngest double TdF champion in history. This phenom is not going anywhere, we are in for Pogacar era.