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Tour De France: Unchained aka that netflix thingy

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I don't have Netflix, so I can't really watch it myself, but I have a question, and yes; it's about Pinot.
Does he actually go out and just... throw a whole bag of croissants into a lake?
According to the tweet I saw, it was to feed fish.
But... why?
Is there any explanation?
Either a fishing lake or a lake he's using to grow out something like trout.
Such lakes are usually overstocked.
Basically it's an unnatural ecosystem because mankind introduced to many fish. So, the lake itself doesn't have enough or won't attract enough insects or small amphibia and water plants don't have time to sufficiently grow. So....if you don't introduce an outside food source the fish will die of malnutrition.
Why is it overstocked?
Well, could be two reasons. If it's a fishing lake it's because most people nowadays lack the skill or patience to fish properly, so they do it on small overstocked ponds.
If it's a grow-out lake, it's to make money. To fish out the fish and sell on for a profit.
Yes, I know, but it seems a bit much to subscribe to Netflix for one documentary.
Especially since it seems I at one point will have to pay the significantly higher price for MAX compared to what I'm currently paying for Discovery+...
I pay for one month, and during that month I watch stuff I saw commercials for during the rest of the year.
Currently catching up on some crime documentaries and basketball series.
After watching season two twice (I know, but I'm retired!), I made a ranking of the likeability of the riders. It's based on their depiction in the series. Please note: I left my own feelings out of it.

10 - anyone who’s French, (Ala Phillipe, Pinot) also Jai Hindley

9 - Tadej, Kasper Asgreen

8.9 - Jonas, Mark Cavendish

8.5 - Fabio Jacobsen, Wout van Aert

4.5 - Ben O’Connor, petulant in the early episodes (partial redemption in later stages)

4 - Tom Pidcock (doesn't give a rip about his coaches or teammates)

.25 - Jasper Phillipsen (.25 only because he has a cute, white, doggie)