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Tour de Georgia Grassroots Campaign!!!

I like it!

What gives the race some hope is that it was a pretty good race, and even if you can't get it back to UCI 2hc level, getting it at least on the calendar will help. If Lance tanks this year in Europe, there's a chance he'll mostly race in the USA next year, and focus on races like the ToC, Gila, and with that, Gerogia. He, Levi, and Chris Horner are all close to retirement, and in a year or two could really help showcase a race like this.

The one thing I would suggest you try to offer as a suggestion is either encouraging the race to cross state borders, in order to get another uphill climb in (or mountain stage that splits riders - the Carolinas is what I'm mostly thinking), or have the course climb one of the dirt roads in the Oconee National Forest.
I liked the TdG but this comes down to sponsorship. In 2008 they had problems paying their bills after the race, and they ended up paying some people only part of what they were owed. I imagine that with the current pressure on state budgets it is difficult for the state of Georgia to spend the kind of money they were putting into the race.

What we really need is a title sponsor of a U.S. stage that will commit to ten years.