Tour du Romandie: 27 April - 2 May 2010

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Jan 18, 2010
it will be interesting to see how Bobridge gets on, also Ben Swift.

Henderson could get this though.
Apr 8, 2009
same here - partically Jack Bobridge as he is considered our next big thing in cycling

Also looking to see how Mick Rodgers goes too :)

Does anyone know if it will be shown here in OZ
Hmmm... In no time 4 guys dive under Hansen's time: Roy, Flens, Zubeldia and Felline (Footon)... Wind conditions improving i guess, since I've never known Roy could TT and Felline is barely out of diapers (relatively speaking).

EDIT: Columbia seizes back the lead with Pinotti, 5 '17. 3 faster than Roy and 8 faster than Hansen.
What stream are you guys watching? Because the one I linked before is still showing a Usain Bolt documentary (even though the website says that they'd start showing Romandie at 18)

EDIT: Doesn't matter... The Bolt docu is over now