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Tour of California didn't test for EPO

Mar 19, 2009
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The big fish would have just blood doped for that race... The top guys have not doped with epo since like 2001.

Now, up until recently (2008) they microdosed epo to stimulate rectics so they would not be busted for blood doping with their own blood.... So Flyer has a point but I'm not sure he understood why they were micro-dosing EPO with an IV. And... The smaller team riders certainly still tried to dope with epo.

Now... Tiny amounts of EPO can only be IV dosed. And there is a slight risk of PRCA (Pure Red Cell Aplasia) with s
subcutaneous EPO, but administered Intravenously this wont happen.

IN fact its perfectly safe to IV dose EPO year round.
Apr 13, 2009
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