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Tour Through the Decades

Mar 18, 2009
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A couple of interesting (to me at least) notes about part 1:

After the 6th stage when Riviére's moronic tactics made the french team lose the jersey and gave the italians a big GC lead for the x-th time (there's no point counting, Riviére did dumb things way too many times), Henry Anglade, who had had the jersey until then, predicted precisely what was going to happen.

Nencini would attack in the mountains, Riviére would stick to him like glue to try and stay close to him on GC until the final TT, Nencini would descend like a rock in the mountains, Riviére would do what no one should do (try to follow Nencini downhill) and crash.

As for the second anecdote, Merckx had said a few days before that stage that "The Mont Ventoux isn't a particularly difficult climb".
He also said later that the reason he almost died wasn't that the rescuers took to long....it was the opposite. He was hyperoxigenated and they gave him oxygen. That almost killed him.

Life and death, the Tour can often be about :)
Mar 11, 2009
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I thought Merckx said himself that he faked that whole thing just so he could get from that mountain the fasted way possible: in an ambulance

[citation needed] :D