Tour virgin would like advice

Warm, water-proof clothe for the mountains, it gets cold up there.

Take light clothes for the flat days, but bear in mind you're likely to want a souvenir of your trip which usually takes the form of a t-shirt or something so you can pack a bit less warm weather gear to free up space.

Comfortable shoes, a rucksack for food and drink, spare shoes in case on pair gets soaked.
take beer money for on the mountain

you'll never cease to be suprised just how many convenient beer tents there are at all sorts of places at european cycling events.

we found one on the top of the col du glandon last year, made a 2 hour wait at the top of the mountain all that more enjoyable


also make sure you have a very comfy day pack

for the mountains take some icebreaker type underlayers plus a thin easy to pack jacket to keep you warm, as previous poster says it gets cold up there.
Aug 13, 2011
If there is a place available on the ride the tour package I'm hoping to upgrade.

It'll probably kill me as I am really, really bad going up hills, and I've hardly been on my bike over the last three months due to my new job. But this is a once in a life time trip for me.

There's nothing like a Col where I live.

So I'm looking at what clothes to take, cycling gear, camera, etc.