Track Cycling Training.

Dec 25, 2020
Hey guys and gals! I live in Minneapolis and commute to work in Minnetonka which is nearly 15.5 miles with very few elevation changes every other day, I complete this ride on a single speed bike. I work for 8 hours and then I complete the 15.5 back. (30.92 round trip to be exact)
I want to start competeing in track races next summer. So my question is, am I doing my legs harm doing this ride on a single speed for that long of distance? My post ride meal is a whey protien shake, fruit, and a sandwhich of some sort on wheat bread, so I'm trying to help my muscles repair as much as possible. I don't experience any pain besides some soreness in my hands and shoulders, but thats to be expected from my experience.
I am (slowly) building a road bike just to switch things up every now and then.
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