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Track events on Universal this week

May 20, 2010
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Knowing the Vuelta would be coming up soon, I looked at the schedule for upcoming cycling events, because I have Universal Sports free over-the-air where I live as an NBC digital sub-channel. What I noticed is that all this week, there are some broadcasts of track events from the past season, scheduled for the early hours.

I've just watched the one I recorded overnight, from the October, 2009 Manchester UCI World Cup event. An hour program, only a few events, packaged, but unmediated. That is, with no announcer at all, just crowd noise. The hard-core sports fan's long-desired, seldom experienced nirvana--just the sound you'd hear if you wandered into the stadium, except that the stadium announcer is too muffled and indistinct to be heard clearly.

These may have been on before and I've just never noticed, but with the endless complaints about announcing here, I thought this experience worth a mention. Every night this week.