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Truncated Races and Results listings

How am I meant to get at races and results that are further down the listing than will fit on the front page?

Can we have a "more races" link at the end of all of the listings?
Can we have a proper search function?

The UK Nationals aren't easily available despite being in progress.
Races & Results lists a few more races, but not enough.
Road > Races & Results does go far enough for the UK Nationals, but not far enough to pick up the Grand Boucle results which I was also looking for.
I can search the Boucle, but get a jumble of news reports dating back several years in no apparent order, with the race pages mixed in.
May 16, 2009
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Coverage of Euro Nationals

The quite pathetic coverage of the national championships says alot about the new focus of cyclingnews. Where are the photos from the race? Where is the story of the race? The font style, that annoying blue line thru every second place getter and the text size is too small, etc etc. This appears to be truncated AFP style coverage by persons who really couldnt care less about cycling, if this is what we can expect for every race bar the the Tour, then what is to become of the media coverage of our sport? Are the requirements and requests of website sponsors taking precedence to the detriment of cycling journalism?. Quite ironic that the changes have come about after cyclingnews' new partnership with procycling. Or maybe this is the point, buy out successful sites like the former cyclingnews, cover them in advertisements and abrievate the stories, so all the good writing, stories and journalism ends up in magazine format, not online and free.