Tuesday 26th April: Tour of Romandie - Prologue: Martigny, 3.5km

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Sasquatch said:
He's never won the elite Australian National Time Trial Championships.

And you have just proven my point.

Until he develops as a road cyclist, he won't be winning any prologues or time trials at this level and won't figure up there in the standings. Yet people expect that from him because he's a world record holder on the track. Still a few years away before he wins a race like this. But due to his history, people automatically think he'll ride a solid prologue/time trial at this level. Hence he is overrated on the road at the moment.
Pardon me. What I should have said was that he's won the Australian National Elite Road Race, plus the U23 Time Trial, plus the U23 World Time Trial. Which is a pretty good road palmares for a 21 year old track specialist.

The TT course yesterday didn't suit him, littered as it was with tricky corners. You have to learn to ride a course like that, it's not just about your physical ability. But fundamentally if you are the best in the world over 4K on the track then you will rightly be perceived as someone with all the physical attributes to win short road time trials. Bobridge is already very good. He will get better.