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Tyre Widths



Just want to check, i think i know the answer but i want to check anyway..

Bike has AT450 rims currently fitted with 700x35 michelin cross tyres, but i want to pick up a set of road tyres for road only days as the year goes on..

What widths can i use on the rim.. according to the manufacturs site it say the rim is 14mm although this table seems to say that 35mm is outside the recommended width for the rim (although im assuming that table is wrong and doesnt allow for cross tyres)

What sensible width or road tyres can i use, or is the rim going to be fine on 25's or 23mm happily...

DAft question i know, but just checking.. the old road bike i just put tyres on and off i went..
Sep 18, 2009
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but seriously

experimentation... most manufactures spec's are merely litigation excluders... actual material limitations vary

I'd have thought that as long as the bead can seat correctly in the rim wall- and leave enough room for the valve stem... and the tyre case can reach to the other side...it would work

sounds like it did
Aug 16, 2009
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Hey dim.
I'd try a 25. I think on our X-bikes, not much benefit going to a 23. I'm looking to pick up a second set of wheels to have a set of 25s, as my commute daily ride wheels have 32s on them.