U23 races and talents

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QS can produce a decent GC support team if LeFevre wants to go down that route - In the 2014 Giro with Uran as leader, he had Brambilla, Poels, De Gendt, Pauwels and Serry for company - They had had Petacchi riding t the front of the peleton.
Sep 26, 2015
So how about Almeida? Pretty good ride today in Algarve. Setting such a high pace that he even managed to drop riders like Kwiatkowski, Thomas or GVA. I said it in another thread, but Quickstep have managed to land some talented climbers this offseason with him and Bagioli. Add Knox who extended his contract and Vansevenant will join them in July. All of them can grow with Evenepoel and become a strong team for years to come (if they can keep them all together that is). Obviously not a squad rivaling the likes of Movistar or Ineos just yet, but give these guys 2 more years and we could be talking about a dangerous team going uphill. At the very least an interesting project that Lefevere started. After 20 years of classics riders he now tries to actually build a team of talented climbers. Just a shame they lost Enric Mas.
It’s all about being able to keep those riders together. You need a budget for that. If Almeida and Bagioli keep evolving like this, they’ll be hard to keep in 2 years.
People keep saying that DQS is not the right environment for climbing talent but that’s BS. The classics have always been more of a focus and other teams with more (or equal) money often pry them away. Look at Kwiatkowski, Narvaez, De La Cruz, Poels (all to Ineos), Mas, Schachmann,..
If i‘m Specialized i’d invest a little more in the team to surround a talent like Evenepoel. Only benefits (talent and star qualities).
Since he's a pro for a WT team, he can only participate in a few U23 races, like the WCC and Tour de l'Avenir. He's already said not to be interested in riding those U23 races, so i don't know why you'd discuss him in a topic for a category he doesn't race in.
Not to mention that I think - and lots of people agree - earned his right to have his own thread.
Which, of course, is what all riders strive for.
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May 31, 2018
Pretty impressive ride in Antalya yesterday by Mattias Skjelmose Jensen. He rode the final climb 24 seconds faster than the leaders after two crashes before the start of the climb.
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