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UCI ban on artificial sand pits

Jun 16, 2009
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avanti said:
Next they will ban clothing and bikes - they are artifical (dictionary definition: made by human skill; produced by humans)

Actually, if you read the UCI rules on cross, you can argue that lycra in general and skin suits in particular are at least marginal if not illegal. There's a ban on "wearing" anything that improves aerodynamics - which of course both skin suits and lycra do (when compared to a baseline position of wearing ordinary clothes).

Also, while cold weather gear like gloves and so forth are spefically allowed in road and MTB, there is no equivalent permission in cyclocross. As the rules specifically state what is allowed before turning around and saying what is explicitly prohibited, it's arguable that gloves, hats and other warm gear is illegal in cross races ...

Ahh, the UCI ... gotta love em, right??!! ;)
Jul 5, 2009
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In the interest of a little give-and-take, couldn't the UCI set some guidelines for the course designers to follow wrt sand sections?

There's a few great vids on u-toob where the sand sections were exciting for spectators and showcased some varied skill sets from the riders. If the sand gets too deep or long, though, it begins to detract from the race itself and both riders and viewers suffer.
Aug 4, 2009
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Artificial sand pits are for Tom cats to pee in thats why they stink.
One day one day someone will invent a hormone that will grow brain cells in UCI exec. untill then the mind boggles,