UCI doubts Contador will ride 2011 Tour.

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Off-topic, but it was 11/1 with the advanced test (carbon isotope) and 5/1 with the nomal test, the normal test being the one that lets you walk if you are are <4/1.

Regardless that same "it couldn't make him win the race" argument was used at the time, hence my comment.
The farce continues:


Reiterates need for fast decision in doping case

A French newspaper has reported that Pat McQuaid is "angry" at Alberto Contador for having tainted the image of cycling and that of the Tour de France. In an interview with Le Parisien, the head of the International Cycling Union (UCI) said that he wanted the case involving the 2010 Tour de France winner to be decided as soon as possible. The Spanish cycling federation has been investigating Contador's Clenbuterol positive for almost four months now.

"I don't want to speak about the affair before it is concluded. But naturally, the fact that the Clenbuterol was found overshadows last year's Tour de France. Whether he is guilty or not, Contador has damaged us very much," said McQuaid, also clarifying his recent comments doubting Contador's presence at this year's Tour.

"It's pragmatic. If he has no answer before the month of March, it will already be a bit late to prepare the Tour de France. We are waiting. We want [a conclusion of the case] as soon as possible."