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Couldn't find a home for this. One of the UCI's LADS lawyers interviewed, some informative comments.

On whistle blowers
Whistle-blowing is another source of proof and recent cases (such as the investigations into the 2014 Sochi Winter Games) show how effective this can be. However, while tips are always sought after and useful, the bulk of what is confidentially reported is often hearsay. In other words, hard evidence is seldom handed on a platter. Bearing in mind that international federations do not have police powers, we have limited means to collect evidence and provide incentives for individuals to come forward. In-house investigators and collaboration with law enforcement authorities are hence paramount to substantiate the wrongdoings being reported to UCI.
On the CADF's move toward more targeted testing:
A shift to an intelligence-led testing strategy has also been fostered. For example, over the past two years, the CADF bulked up its intelligence-gathering and investigations resources by hiring intelligence analysts and forensic specialists. The increased number of investigations and successful targeted doping control missions are a direct result of these efforts.


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