UCI, McQuaid, Verbruggen threaten to Sue Landis

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Aug 13, 2009
Finally got around to reading the emails....wow, that is some funny stuff. I do not know what is better, the content or all the misspellings.


thehog said:
The closing summary is nothing short of brilliant:


its the bit just before i love. :D

Secondary question: If Mr. McQuaid is now allowing for changes to his position and public statement, can you please indicate which part of his "honour" still remains damaged?

Tertiary question: If there still remains some damage, what form is this damage? Please provide documentation as to this damage.
Oct 6, 2009
Beech Mtn said:
So let me get this straight.

This is cause for Verdruggen and McQuack to threaten a lawsuit to defend their honor:

But this is cool, yeah?

Spain should sue McQuack for impugning its honor. :D
Not a lawsuit, per se, but still, maybe a case for GreyManrod after all?
Spanish riders' union calls for "respect"
Meanwhile, the Spanish professional cyclists’ union ACP (Asociación de Ciclistas Profesionales) has released a statement in defence of its members after what it termed “the latest accusations on doping made by various individuals and institutions at international level against Spanish sport in general and cycling in particular.”
The UCI appear to be taking hits from many sides lately.

Wonder how many of those demanding respect now were on the start line in Mostoles on the 25th of June 2006?

Of course ever since McQuaid decided to pretend that he won't be lenient with Contador he became a mortal enemy of the pistol fanboys.

Nov 3, 2010
TeamSkyFans said:

is getting in on the act. HIlarious.
well i'm naive on all of this but i thought the procycyling interview with fat pat was the biggest Patsy i've ever read;and i"m aware that the cycling press daren't ask difficult questions because they may get frozen out. I must say that cycling journalism has to get a whole lot tougher otherwise we won't get anywhere. Any reponses?
Jul 29, 2010
Granville57 said:
None of this is real and it doesn't make sense to me why NYV would so willingly forfeit their recently acquired status (from the Kimmage transcripts) as a reliable source for interesting info.
Youre' right, nobody believes ManRod is an actual legal firm. I'm pretty sure nobody has believed that in the last 100 posts or so...
However, you seem to be questioning whether Floyd had the cajones to sent those emails to the UCI? If you need clarification, you could either:

1. Send an email to Pat McQuaid, and ask him yourself. (His email is included in the correspondence.)

2. Check out this picture from ManRod's twitterfeed. It seems one of ManRod's corporate officers would like to send you a message:

Jul 29, 2010
Race Radio said:
Finally got around to reading the emails....wow, that is some funny stuff. I do not know what is better, the content or all the misspellings.
Yeah, ManRod is on the cutting edge of veggie rights litigation, but it wouldn't kill them to run spellcheck now and again :)