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UCI Race Ranking

May 27, 2010
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I was just wondering if anyone had a link to an explanation of the different levels(like where does 2.HC or 1.1 fit in and that kind of stuff). Failing that does anyone know what they are from top to bottom???
Mar 26, 2009
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The rankings are the same for different continents but the allowed teams are a little different depending on where you are in the world.

Historical: Paris Roubaix, Grand Tours, etc.

Pro Tour: Any races on the UCI Pro Tour

2.HC: Multi day, allowed teams depend on continent. (max 50% Pro Tour teams in US races)

2.1: Essentially same as 2.HC in US

2.2: Multi day with restrictions on teams (ie. no Pro Tour teams in North America)

1.HC through 1.2 are the same but are single days races.

This is just for the Men (ME). There is similar rankings for the women. Remember there are also National Championships, World Championships, etc. that fall within these rankings.
Feb 18, 2010
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The first number denotes if it's a one day race (1.x) or stage race (2.x).

The second number (or letter code) denotes what level the race is
- GT = Grand Tour
- PT = Pro-Tour
- HIS = Historic
- .HC = Hors Categorie
- .1 = level 1
- .2 = level 2

In theory, that's from important to unimportant. But only in theory. The GT, PT and HIS races count towards the UCI world rankings, so those will get you UCI points. There are a few races that the UCI deems to be worthy of PT status (Tour Down Under, Tour of Poland, Eneco....) that really aren't that prestigious, hard or important.
Other races (those organised by ASO, mostly) are not PT because UCI and ASO bicker like five year olds. That's why a race like Paris-Roubaix is a .HIS race (it has no desire to be PT), whilst it's much more important than most .PT one day races (Ronde van Vlaanderen is at the same level as Roubaix).

So the ranking system is a guideline, but it takes a bit of knowledge (of history and prestige etc) to really know how to order all the races (and any order is always subjective, of course).