UCI Ranking just from this year?

You can find riders' scores for the current year by going to the team current year score on PCS (here), then click on the team total in the right hand column to get their riders' individual points for 2022, but that will give you a team by team run down rather than one comprehensive table.
From a first look that is only the PCS points, but not the UCI points ?

But indeed not a full list that tells who are current best riders this year based on UCI points?
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Well at least that gives a team overview ;-). But just too many teams to check.
So if someone still knows an year to date ranking instead of the 52 weeks rolling rankings, I remain interested.
CQ is the only one I know to just get the year so far ranking. Pretty sure Brailsford has said it's the ranking he uses to help determine riders to sign, something to do with the more modern UCI ranking is distorted to really know who's going well.

Do I miss something?
I miss something: 4 people have tried to help you, and you have not given any acknowledgement or thanks, just a moan on each occasion that no-one has directed you to something that you have not established exists. So I miss a sense of manners and politeness.

You have from the pointer I gave you all the info you need, and I am sure you can manage basic spreadsheet and cut and paste techniques. Good luck making it: perhaps you will share the results when you have done so.
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@Armchair cyclist : you are right: I should have pushed the like button more ;-).

I know I could build it myself; but I am also happy if someone with knowledge on rankings says that it doesn't exist. Then I can check to create such a list myself.
Just trying now to understand if a "this year only UCI ranking exists" somewhere.
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It's quite funny that PCS doesn't compile a list, as clearly their database is already filled with all the info needed, since they already pull that very info in order to compile their calendar year rider/team UCI points list. Like this one:

So basically all that is missing is PCS adding a filter to the rankings page that pulls a list of riders by UCI points for the calendar year. Maybe you could contact PCS and ask if it isn't possible they add it to their website.