UCI recognises transgender policy ‘concerns’ and reopens consultation

UCI recognises transgender policy ‘concerns’ and reopens consultation​

"World cycling’s governing body, the UCI, has signalled a shift in its transgender policy just days after Austin Killips sparked controversy by becoming the first transgender athlete to win a UCI women’s stage race.

In a notable change in tone, the UCI admitted it had heard the “concerns” of female athletes about unfair competition in the sport, and would be reopening its consultation with a view to reaching a decision in August.

Victory by Killips at the Tour of the Gila in New Mexico quickly led to widespread criticism of the UCI’s transgender policy, with the three-time Olympian Inga Thompson accusing it of “killing off women’s cycling”, and Canada’s Olympic cross-country silver medallist, Alison Sydor, saying it was “no different functionally than doping” as Killips had the advantage of going through male puberty." -Cont.


It seems unfair for women bicycle racers to race against men who have become women.


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The Green Collar Worker
Feb 23, 2017
A biological male with male chromosomes and male parts is a male and should NOT compete against women. If UCI wants to form a transgender race where transgenders can compete against other transgender then fine, do that, but don't put transgenders, or should I say males, in races with females.

These transgenders are only doing this because they can't beat the men, but they know they can beat the women, and they want the money and recognition, so fine, make them compete against themselves and see how fast the transgenders will back down from competing knowing that they'll be competing against other males.