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US team banned over dope from World Cup

Susan Westemeyer said:
When talking about a "world cup" you really ought to mention which sport it is, since there so many sports have one.


To be fair, if we take all the sports that have a world cup, and rule out all the ones which do absolutely nothing against doping, we eventually only get left with Kabaldi.

So its pretty easy to work out from the title, which sport it is.
Jul 4, 2011
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There's Zam's thread on the same topic, maybe they could be merged.

On topic, the tests are being conducted by NADA which is India's anti doping agency and they have received a major boost in impetus against doping after a spate of positives in the past decade in Indian sports (which even led to our women's weightlifting team to be suspended from international competitions). Some of our Asian games champions also tested positive and since then the media has been on the back of the doping agencies which has led to some pretty decent testing regimes. The NADA is definitely not the best funded agency in the world.

As for the USA as a team, they're just there to make up the numbers so it's definitely not a major blow to the tournament.