USGP of 'Cross Ignores East Coast

Jul 2, 2009
Scheme? Why does there have to be scheme or an ulterior motive? The fact is that the east coast has enjoyed the offering of many, many UCI races from which to choose in comparison to the rest of the country. This coming season is no exception-- there is nowhere else where you can race for UCI points every weekend of the season without leaving the region. To put things into perspective, California has four (!) UCI races this season. That's it. The west coast on whole has eight UCI races spread across four weekends for the entire season, not including nationals. It's similar for the midwest. The east coast is very lucky.

Racers from other parts of the country have been required to travel to the east coast for some of the best UCI cross races for years now. I don't see this as any great burden on east coast folks to travel just like others have done, nor is it a snub that the USGP has decided to shift it's races to new venues. If anything it keeps things fresh, gives new cities the chance to participate, and gives racers from other parts of the country who previously may not have had the means an opportunity to race at a USGP event.