Valv Piti

Mar 11, 2009
"Originally Posted by Bala Verde : Have you seen suspicious activities that could be linked to doping cases, call toppermost!"

Not to split hairs, but if Valv Piti is not AV, and CONI knows that... are you not essentially claiming, indirectly, a "suspicious conspiracy" of sorts?

I am not one to argue that we should convict people on bad evidence, but to suggest that CONI does not have a good reason to suspend the people they do is ubsurd. What possible reason would CONI have for making up reasons to suspend riders.

(Cause THAT makes sense, you know, what with Basso being so UNpopular in Italy, and with Valverde winning all of those Italian races all year, and... umm. wait... anyway, its a conspiracy against Valverde. Surely.)
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