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Volta ao Algarve 2024 - 2.Pro (February 14-18)

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I hope this is not true. I kinda respect Wout and his mental strength to keep his head up no matter the result and keep going up against mvdp when he has no chance. It was kinda sad watching his cX season as MVDP would ride away from him every time they faced each other. And even though he is totally changing his approach this season, there he was head to head with an alien MVDP throughout the cross season.
MVDP is a killer and better rider, but I would love to see Wout win Flanders or Roubaix this year
MvdP is first and foremost a different rider, just a pitty WvA has not figured that out yet. RVV simply suits MvdP much better as it is basically a 270km CX race, twisting turning, technical, short all out efforts, short technical climbs... I think if Van Aert with his usual TDF form would have focussed on Liège and Lombardia since 2020 instead of RVV and PR, he would have won them by now. And even though "ik moet just niks" he keeps setting himself up for failure.

But i'm sure Laporte will throw him a bone. Oh, wait, no he won't.
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