Vuelta 2017, Stage 6 :Villareal to Sagunto 204.4 km

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Forever The Best said:
Couldn't resist a dig again, right?
If Quintana had been a bit more attacking in the Giro, he would have won it.
And Contador almost won the Paris-Nice by the epic attack on the last stage. (Would've won if Bahrain wouldn't have chased very hard for no reason)
The only way Quintana would've won the Giro was if he had actually attacked when Dumoulin was indisposed. Tom was pretty strong while Nairo just a shade under his brightest. He still went and went and went, as is his wont. Yet the levee held. All in all it made for a great Giro.

Anyway, if that was gratiutious, it was because the "attacking is always the right strategy" analysis is so misguided. Orica is pushing all of its chips on the table, and they're catching slack for not going for the side bets? We've seen the Gerro and Bling show aplenty. All credit to them, but I'd rather watch them try to break Froome on the road to Formigal, and then, when that didn't work, slip one past the Pistolero on Aitana.

But you can't fire the bullets you don't have. That seems like it should be a lesson well-learnt by now.
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Alexandre B. said:
portugal11 said:
Alexandre B. said:
portugal11 said:
Froome loves the vuelta because he feels love from the fans. In the tour he is always booed in france, french people doesn't have anytype of sportmanship. They only respect the germans, any other country in europe is inferior to their eyes. Disgusting country, awful gt.
You should be permabanned.
Don't know why. Wasn't me who sent urine on froome's face. So my opinion is based on pure facts
You are constantly (like, constantly) belittling riders or people. I won't say more because it's out of topic and against the rules.

One thing that saddens me is the reaction of (comprehensively disappointed) Betancur supporters that are saying Van Garderen should feel responsible or apologize like if his piloting was at fault.
I don't think he should apologize or feel responsible, those things happens in cycling. I just answer to one poster who said that he's sorry for TJ, that I'm not sorry for him, but for Betancur. TJ caused the crash, it was his own mistake, he didn't lost much and that's why I'm not sorry for him. Betancur on the other hand wasn't guilty for the crash, he fell becuase of TJ, he lost chunk of time, broke his ankle, broke his teeth and abandoned the race. For him I'm sorry. And you said it's really stupid from me. I'm asking why?