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Vuelta a Andalucia Gibraltar timetrial??

Jan 29, 2010
Hey, long time lurker first time poster, I wonder if anyone can help;

In December CN reported that stage 4 of the Vuelta a Andalucia was to be a Time Trial In Gibraltar:


The website of the race itself now appears to be suggesting that stage 4 will be in Malaga:


Anyone able to shed any light on this? (i'm due to be in gibraltar that week and was really looking forward to watching the TT up the rock!)

thanks very much
Oct 15, 2009
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It'll be in Malaga, is confirmed. According to this Spanish newspaper, it has been changed due to the lack of funding by the Gibraltar companies which supposedly should have put money for the event. That's our way to say that we're yet to digest the Treaty of Utrecht, so it's too soon for a Spanish race to enter the rock. :p