Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2020: Rest day 1 talk/poll

Who is going to win this Vuelta

  • Froome

    Votes: 7 7.1%
  • Valverde

    Votes: 2 2.0%
  • Dan Martin

    Votes: 4 4.1%
  • Roglic

    Votes: 19 19.4%
  • Carapaz

    Votes: 43 43.9%
  • Chaves

    Votes: 1 1.0%
  • Enric Mas

    Votes: 7 7.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 15 15.3%

  • Total voters
Roglic or Carapaz me thinks but because I think as the race progresses Carapaz should be fresher compared to Roglic (and because he is leading already) I guess it's looking good for Lil Richie #2
I just have no idea what to take from yesterday until stage 8. 2nd place might still be saved.

I do know what I can take from the Giro.
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Carapaz looks good but I'm not going to forget that he was supposed to peak for this last two weeks. He might actually be at the top of his form curve and we could potentially see him tail off a bit

I'm not going to write off some outsiders too, it doesn't feel like the team strength is there to keep everyone in check as evidenced by the number of good riders getting into breaks or being allowed to off the front. Think we could see some ambush potential as the race draws on
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Went with Other/Carthy because he's British, it's 2020 and Britain seems to be alongside Slovenia a genuine cycling superpower. Carthy seems to love bad weather if i recall and the next days seems to have a relatively okay weather. I still expect him to be better on Angrilu than Carapaz and he seems to be slightly better at TT than him. Roglic may be faltering like in Giro 2019 so he might be fightning for podium against Soler (or Mas? depends if yesterday was a fluke).
Carapaz!!! He seems to be in control of this race, he exudes confidence and race smarts to pound when it counts... Plus, he also messes up with everybody’s mind creating random chaos among GC hopeful... Loving it, hope he’ll put enough minutes into everybody to have a relaxing ITT;)

My GC shortlist before the race started:
Carapaz ***
Mas, Dumolin **
Martinez, Roglic *
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The one I did not have on my list before the start is Dan Martin. He was already on the up, but I did not think he'd be in a podium spot by now.
Chaves I expect to fade, though I hope not.
Hugh Carthy should really be in the poll, I guess.
Großschartner - wasn't there a joke of mine gone wrong earlier this year? And now he's turning my head again?

I don't know why I have recently started to cheer for some Ineos riders, but Carapaz I find really likable as a rider and a person. I hope he wins (if not Chaves...)
Großschartner likes the cold weather, thats in his favour. But he also dislikes super steep stuff, which is bad at la Vuelta. And he is also prone for an off day here or there. With him it's really untested territory but after his legs were missing at the Tour he seems to have them back for now.
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Interesting to note that Tao Geoghegan Hart wasn't even in the poll in the Giro 1st rest day poll, so we can still hope for an outsider to take it here in the Vuelta
It would be better if all the top riders actually stayed in this race past the first half imo... Let's not have another GT where the top two never even made a top 10 before