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Welcome to the Cyclingnews MTB Forum

Mar 2, 2009
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Hello and welcome to the Cyclingnews Mountain Bike (MTB) forum. I'm excited to be kicking things off with the first MTB post, so let me go ahead and introduce myself. I'm Sue George, the MTB Editor here at Cyclingnews. It probably could go without saying that I love to mountain bike ride and race, in particular - anything over four hours and involving singletrack, mountains, trees and rocks.

That said, my fellow editors and I spend a lot of time delivering to you the latest MTB news and race reports, results and photos, but with these forums, we're looking forward to more involvement from you the reader.

We are in process of figuring out what sub-topics to add for our mountain bike coverage. What would you like to see? Here are some ideas we've brainstormed. Let us know if you like these subtopics or have other suggestions.

- News - Comments and questions on all the latest MTB news.
- Cross Country - riding, racing and all things cross country
- Gravity - riding, racing and all things gravity including DH, DS, 4X and Super D
- Festivals - Ok, so we know not everyone races. Talk festivals here - before & after.
- Women - We women mountain bike, too! Discuss women's riding, racing, and MTB-related issues here.
- Beginners - Just getting into it? Visit here for comments, questions, advice, etc.
- Trails - Tell us about your favorite trails.
- Stories - We know the best part of mountain biking is the stories, sometimes crazy, that happen during your rides and races. Share your experiences here.

Pull up your chair, get comfortable and start posting now. We want to hear about you, your rides and races and what you think about all the latest happenings in the MTB world!
Although I like to see what's going on in the MTB racing world, I'm just a lowly "trail rider" on a lowly Hardtail MTB. :) I'd like to see things about "riding" in different areas in different States and parts of the World. A Beginner section, should be divided into "Beginner Raceing", Beginner Riding, jmho. BTW a REAL breakdown of the different "classes" in MTB Racing would be excellent. Way back (when dinosaurs roamed the earth), My son and I did "Novice NORBA MTB racing" (early to mid-1980's). We didn't have all these new "classes", DH, FR, 4X, etc. They set up a course, the Novice racers did 1 lap the Expert racers 2 laps and the Pro's 3 or more laps, we raced over and up and down all types of terrain so it was mainly just XC racing. Thanks!
May 4, 2009
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michaux maximus May 3, 2009

I raced the 40 miler single speed at michaux maximus yesterday, what a wonderful scenic race. It would be great to get a video cam on a racer and edit some of the absolutely stunning scenery and equally stunning technical sections of michaux state forest. It's got to be some of the best mountain biking in the world.

Bernie S.