what do u reckon

May 30, 2010
i reckon the crashes were fortunate for lance

he wouldnt have lived with the pace at the front if he was crash free....the sport has simply moved on.....this tour is bloody fast...faster to what it was before...and that is sport......he was awesome when he was winning, he was top of the tree at his time as he needed to be. now.....the bunch is that much better.......i hope they dont say that he lost because of the crashes.the writing was on the wall..

Brunyeel: To Bruyneel, the reason Armstrong had to drop off the favourites' bunch was an injury to the American's hip suffered in the second crash. "Physically, before the race, there was no indication to say that he would find it hard - to the contrary, his ambition today was to race in front. On the last climb, he told me that he banged his hip badly and that it was impossible for him to put out maximal power.

No guys.......NO!