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What do you do if you get a Gnat in both eyes?

Mar 19, 2009
badboyberty said:
Learn your lesson and never ride without glasses again?

.... or proper head gear.
Dec 14, 2009
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RightWingNutJob said:
No problems handling it with one eye, but two I'm not so sure. :eek:

I would do the same thing as when a deer steps out in front of me on the road when i am in my car...HAMMER DOWN! If you are gonna go out...go out in flames baby! (insert loud V8 engine sounds)
If a gnat flies in your eyes get up out of the saddle and hammer until your eyeballs flush the gnat from your eyes with lactic acid flowing from your lacrimal glands!...
cuz you're gnar..ly

...lacrimal glands :)