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what evidence can landis rely on ?

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Aug 13, 2009
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Clemson Cycling said:
The only problem is Landis in not a credible person in court. The man wrote a book about his innocence and how unfair his situation was. He could have perjury charges brought against him if a lawyer is willing to bring the case up, which may happen.

Who is more credible, the guy who has nothing to gain or the guy who makes millions from lying?
May 15, 2010
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scribe said:
Regarding the polls running about, it's one of things that will actually tilt worse in favor of LA as people learn more about FLs dodginess this past few years. Very few Americans will ever try to understand the pervasive level of doping in cycling.

Very few Americans give a tinker's damm about cycling in general. They know who Lance is, they know the story and they know he milked every possible moment out of his 15 minutes of fame, and they know it's time to pay attention to whatever the next big thing is in American culture.

Where Americans stand on 'Who do you believe?' is somewhere between 'wtf are you babbling about?' and 'Floyd who?'