What is humanly possible? (french article)

Jul 21, 2012


In summary: For V02max window of 80 to 85 ml / min / kg theoretical powers and without correction ranged from 373 to 435 watts. With a 5% correction, we obtain a window 354 to 412 watts (W-standard)

From these data it is a priori possible to achieve power around 410 watts during the end stage ascents threshold used by A.Vayer (former coach of the Festina team) to qualify the performance as suspicious. This is especially true since the periods of ascent are short, eg approaching 20 minutes (where anaerobic hand is more important). However, we see that the powers beyond 410 watts are about the exceptional, requiring extraordinary physical abilities with V02max around 85 ml / kg / min, good muscle performance and ability to maintain a high percentage of V02max.


Interpretation of powers must be done with great care because if physiology provides a theoretical framework for increasingly dense and illuminating, one can not ignore any of the uncertainty surrounding the calculations, the physiological characteristics specific to each individual, the size of the exception.

Defining a threshold to 410 watts (or any other threshold-watt standard) poses the problem of the scale of a world where everything is white in a world where everything is gray, the problem of transition from one world where it is not certain to be "clean" or not doped with a world of certainty or near certainty of being displayed. The threshold and actually a problem of interpretation and did lead to some rigorous conclusions from a scientific point of view (unless it is grossly overvalued, but in this case it would be of no interest)

Keep critical thinking, are highlighting the powers that clearly fall within the grotesque and leave aside all arbitrary that could disqualify a particular runner for a few watts too.

Alain Desert
Philippe Velo
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