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What music sounds when TdF route is on in the beginning of every stage

Jul 27, 2009
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Hmm... I'm don't have it, but I think it's the TdF theme song. Kinda catchy, it always gets me in the mood for some good cycling viewage :D
dimspace said:
the old itv one is cool.. but i still prefer the old channel 4 one..
brings back memories.. even got frere jacques at the end..

and the almost identical ToB theme

Watching the TdF video then I saw one very scary (to me) thing towards the end. In 1988 Richard Keys introduced the Tour programme. Now with Sky getting their hands on a cycling team, and potentially covering races, will Ol' Hairy Hands be back covering cycing in the inane way he does the football. Here is hoping he won't.

Also, finding the mp3 of the stage introduction seems to be fruitless at the moment. May be worth an email to ASO or France2, too see if they have the title and artist.