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What's missing/unwanted in the new website?

I thought we should have a thread that only addresses two specific questions:

1) What was in the old website that is missing in the new one, and should be restored?

2) What is in the new website that was not in the old website, and should be removed?

1) In another thread, someone noted the following list of what was missing from the new website:

* start-lists
* accessibility to pictures
* "next/click through" on pics
* related story links
* stage profiles
* a complete UCI calender
* past winners
* speed
* ease of use
* intuitive structure
* News flash updates, when appropriate, interspersed among regular News Editions chronologically.

To that list I'll add:
* central focus area (news editions) from which you can reliably, quickly and efficiently branch to everything else.

2) as to what we have now on the main page but don't need:
* spoilers
* "Today on cyclingnews.com" Flash box (redundant clutter and confusing)
* News (clutter - Just having News Editions is cleaner/better)
* tiny/pointless images next to race names and some news articles
* Latest Photos section on main page (link to photos, plus links from News, Races, Features into photos is enough)
* Forum section on main page (link to forum section at top, plus links from news, Races, features into appropriate threads in Forum is enough)
* Tech section (again, link to it is enough)
* Ads with Flash

What else?
Jun 24, 2009
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you are very right. browsing pictures in this new site is bad. previously, i enjoyed looking through the pictures with the next and previous buttons, but now, you have to go to the album and look for the next picture. please, cyclingnews, fix this issues.
Jun 24, 2009
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Also missing are Next/Previous tags between stages of races. Right now, it appears that you have to navigate two pages away to get to other stages.

Also, on race reports, it was very nice to have a one-liner summary of the stage, e.g. "Bern - Bern, 38.5km, ITT" or "Montélimar - Mont Ventoux, 167 km". If there's no report or the author neglects to include that information in the report, again, you have to navigate two pages away to find it.

Oh, and "auto-spacing" between the columns seems to be set for computer monitors with extremely high resolution if you want to see everything in each column. For example, on each race results page, unless your window is nearly maximized on a 1280x1024 screen, you can't tell if a racer didn't start (DNS) or didn't finish (DNF) a stage: the third character is lost (S or F in this case, but also third digit of race placings).
May 5, 2009
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This is a good idea... On the other hand, I wish the editors would put up a poll asking what they should work on as a priority for the readers... And put it on the homepage... So they can see, not how popular or unpopular the new site is, but so they can concentrate on fixing what matters most to their readers... That's what I don't like about the forum, we can all have our say but there's no central tracking or prioritization or collaboration... Please, CN, take the lead and post something yourselves! The truth is you have a site we all would want to enjoy just as much or more than the old one.
The old Cyclingnews site was great because it literally gave you ALL the relevant information on a given race -- complete results, complete times, average speeds, course profile, past winners . . . This new website has more of a "digest"-feel, like Velonews.com: "here are the top 20; we figure that's all you're really interested in anyway."