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Which Doping Scandal has Bigger Impact

Which Doping Scandal has a Bigger Impact

  • Landis Spilling the Beans

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Mar 4, 2010
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right now festina as it was the one that opened peoples eyes to the problem

the combination of all 3 has the greatest effect as it shows it still went on even after festina
Escarabajo said:
Make your pick and your comments.

1- Festina Affair
2- Operacion Puerto
3- Landis Spilling the Beans.
If Lance goes down then it would be three.

On the other hand if nothing happens, then it would still be number three for me, because now I know everything about how corrupt the UCI is and the US Postal team doping details and that is PRICELESS.
Aug 4, 2009
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The biggest scandel is the one that is just happening they come and pass quickly but they do heaps of damage in the wake. all just as bad.

There is a lot of dirt yet to be uncovered and it wont rest untill it is.