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White Jersey?

Apr 18, 2009
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Looking at cyclingnews' results for Stage 1, it shows Tony Martin coming in at more than three minutes down:


And also being very far down on the white jersey (young rider) classification.

However, it *also* shows him as being 2nd in GC at 10 seconds!

I'm going to assume the 2nd in GC is correct, but someone at cyclingnews ought to put the right numbers in the right places.
That's simply a miss in the way CN display the results. Since alot of riders crashed they finished far down but still got the same time as the winner. But spread throughout the resultslist are also riders that had dropped without crashing and they got their own time at perhaps 3:15 down eventhough the rider in front and behind both got 0:00 behind. CNs results simply doesn't show this. Check the results on http://www.letour.fr/2010/TDF/LIVE/us/100/classement/index.html and you'll see the correct results.