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Who leads Movi at la vuelta?

I think it will be Moreno. He's finished in the top 10 nearly every year at the Vuelta riding as a domestique since he joined Katusha. So, he would be the most likely to challenge for a top 5 I suppose, even if his form has been poor so far this year.
Its wide open really. They have a couple of young, really talented prospects like Carapaz and maybe especially Soler, and also some little older riders like Ruben Fernandez and Betancur who I feel haven't lived up to their potential just yet. However, I don't know if all of those will be selected, but I hope so. Then you obviously have Moreno who probably is the safest card.

I could see them go full-stage hunting mode, almost, with a couple of potential top-10 riders who don't really need that much support. Which could be very interesting since the route only have 2 pure sprinter stages, so lots and lots of stage will be up for grabs for stage hunting teams.

By the way, for future reference, we have a Movistar-thread to discuss such things. :)