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Why was Bagster banned?

This may be an unpopular position but so what. Noticed this morning he was banned, looked through several threads and couldn't really see a good reason for it. Yeah he could be a pain in the ass with his hating the 'haters' BS but it's an opinion that he should be able to express if he wants.
If all the fanboys are kicked off this forum it could be the end of professional cycling as we know it. If we are free to spread the truth about Lance unencumbered by the driveby sniping of Bagster, Speedway, 9000ft,(if I have left out your name please don't be offended, I'm old and sometimes the memory.....what was I saying?) then Lances popularity is sure to plumet worldwide. Not only will this mean that cancer has won, but it will most likely result in no one watching the Tour de France anymore and all the pro teams going out of business.
Finally do we really want the reputation of being the anti-RBR forum where anybody who tries to defend LA is eventually banned. Yeah we have had a bit of a troll infestation problem (and we still seem to) but a little discernment might be a good thing. Bagster posted in a lot of other threads and other than his man-crush on Lance seemed to be a knowledgeable cyclist.
On a related topic I just noticed the 'Moderators' thread was closed and someone got a warning for questioning the rules in this "about the forum" section. I guess I'm wondering where we would do that if not here? Or are we simply not allowed to question authority around here?
In conclusion I would just like to say, please don't ban me for this post.:D
Mar 19, 2009
Hugh Januss said:
please don't ban me for this post.:D

You're going down! ...;)

There's a lot of back and forth that goes on behind the scenes with the offenders that you don't see as well. If people are going to act like and treat others like jerks, they're not worth our time or yours. The rules here are very clear and simple, and don't need modifying or debate. If these people cannot follow them it's not our fault. If we get enough reported posts or complaints about somebody we have to take action, if we didn't, the forum would be polluted beyond hope. This isn't some Totalitarian State where stormtroopers are going to knock down your door if you speak out, just don't be a jerk about it. Treat others as you'd want to be treated. You know Hugh, the rules or code of conduct here is so simple and concise it's actually shorter than this post of yours wondering why a person is banned.