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Will the world ranking have consequences on team management?

I'm wondering wether the Netherlands and France missing out on top representation in the Worlds RR due to the world ranking will possibly have some effect on how some teams based in these countries are managed?

Is there a chance that we will see for example Rabobank focus more on domestic riders rather than international talents? We know that in the past there was issues with foreign riders in Rabobank with Erik Dekker and Michael Boogerd not being too keen on riding for foreign leaders etc. Is there possibly a chance that we will see something similar again?

The french teams don't have the same issues because they are alot more dominated by french riders except for AG2R perhaps.

Any thoughts?
Mar 17, 2009
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'fraid not

Short answer: no, professional cycling teams are PR vehicles for sponsors, not nations. Rabobank will ride for Freire & Menchov in big races, because they're their best bets for a win.

Rabobank, as a Dutch sponsor, may give team management the order to give Dutch riders the freedom to ride for more UCI points (Rabobank's Continental team is already the de-facto Dutch U23 development squad), which could foreseeably see the Dutch back in the top 10 next year, but that's an entirely different issue than actually contending in the World's race itself.
The reality is that with Thomas Dekker now officially popped for doping, the Dutch don't really have a standout 1-day classic contender capable of winning a world title.

Lars Boom & Robert Gesink are both riders capable of riding at the front in a hilly finale, but if a World's race comes to a sprint, or even select group finish of 30+, the Dutch have zero chance against the likes of Cavendish, Hushovd, Freire, McEwen, Boonen & Co.