With races being cancelled, what are you watching,?

I thought about posting in the Corona thread but screw it, the matter is too important.

This time of the year (and most part of the rest of the year as well lol) I usually put on some cycling on TV as soon as I get home from work or training and won't switch it off before I go to bed, often it serves as a kind of background noise and I'm not following every second. Also, the hours on the home trainer are way more enjoyable with some good racing running on the screen in front of me. This is possible cos we get a lot of pro racing and won't run out of material too soon, now with races being cancelled, instead of Tirreno Adriatico providing hours of entertainment, we are stuck with only Paris-Nice.

One way to deal with it for me is watching old races on Youtube, recent years don't appeal much to me as the memory is still too fresh, so right now I'm at the Giro 2005, routing for Simoni and Rujano lol... Matters might get worse soon with corona spreading and more races likely being canceled. Anyone here in the same situation here and what are your strategies to cope with this misery? :fearful:
I have the Fassbinder miniseries Berlin Alexanderplatz all ready to go. I'm not joking.
Slightly off-topic, but I very recently watched "Casting", a film loosely based on Fassbinder's "Die bitteren Tränen der Petra Kant". Can only recommend it!

Maybe this thread can be moved into the Café? (If not only cycling is recommended?)

I'm going to watch football as long as matches are not cancelled but played behind closed doors. If all sports get cancelled I will take that as a sign and work more. But I guess that's not a good idea for those who are coming home from work and want to relax.
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Unfortunately I'm not at all into watching old cycling videos (except for this is how the race was won). What I love about bike races is that you just don't know what's going to happen, and if it already happened... well.
But maybe you can turn me around by listing your... Top 5 or Top 10 favourite videos of all time?
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