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Women's 200m record 10.793

May 30, 2009
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pmsc111 said:
Simona Krupeckaite has set a new record of 10.792 at the Krylastkoye velodrome.


Congrats to Simona.

Is there any question that Krylatskoye is the best track in the world? 333m tracks rule!

YES. Apart from La Paz, with very good weather conditions, now the new 250m indoor track in Aguascalientes, moderate high altitude, is the fastest track in the world. Sarah Hammer did a 1000m sprint !!!!! (compared to sea-level conditions) during the middle of her 3K World Record. Even as a very moderate sprinter she did an unprecedented Omnium 250m flying in 14,289s.

BTW Simona lost only a few days earlier in Tula in 11,565s the 200m TT against Dutchwoman Willy Kanis. A staggering difference of 13,35 meters!!!!
Jul 8, 2010
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The 333ness of the Krylatskoye is only part of the story. It's the width of it that's the real kicker, I would say the falling off a cliff experience has as much to do with it as the larger radius corners.