Aug 4, 2009
What Worlds????

Geelong is taking a battering this morning with winds up to 120kmh over night
and still blowing hard yesterday we had more rain and the Barwon river is on flood alert. we may get that sprinters course after all.

But they have to survive the ride to Geelong from Melbourne in the cross head winds. that part of the course wont flood.

I ride on that part of the course most days and so far the only teams i have seen out there is Betteini with 4 of his squad.
lovely sceanery flat open roads with lots of wind but we do get some kangeroos and magpies out ther. we even see the odd wedge tail Eagle
they are huge 2 metre wing span.
My wife's there watching - I get regular txt updates telling me how athletes she's interested in are doing... stuff like Catherine was 4th... which is fine except she neglects to add who won! So Susan your live updates are very helpful. Thank you :)